Brown horse with SPANA vet
Brown horse with SPANA vet


A horse in Morocco is fitted with a new bit and harness

A guide to bridles

Find out more about bridles and bits with SPANA.

Brown horse harnessed to cart

A guide to horse harness parts

Find out more about horse harness parts and working animal harness welfare.

Two donkeys on a road

World Animal Day

Learn more about World Animal Day.

Table of cakes

Fundraising ideas for the International Day of Charity

Discover our fundraising ideas for the International Day of Charity.

Men holding equipment

Exchanging Zrika’s painful donkey harness

Discover how our Morocco centre ensures working animals like Zrika the Donkey have access to the right equipment.


Comfortable harnesses can make all the difference

SPANA vet Hannah Davies regularly sees easily preventable injuries as a result of poorly fitted equipment.

Brown horse in blue stable stall

Sponsor just one horse? Or you could sponsor a whole stable

Read more about horse sponsorship opportunities at SPANA.

Donkey in aviary

Bringing you an update from Jordan

Read about the difference that we’re making to both people and working animal welfare in Jordan.

Vets treating donkey on mattress

New equipment that’s saving lives

New equipment is helping vets treat even more working animals in Morocco.

Teachers photo

Education and training for the next generation of teachers

It’s not just our veterinary care that helps give working animals better lives, it’s our education and training programmes too.

Man crouched down next to donkey

Remembering Linda – Leaving a legacy

Read about Linda's gift and her legacy that is making a difference to the lives of working animals.

Donkey pulling a cart

Learning and veterinary care in Mauritania

Nancy Kemp witnesses the work being carried out to help working animals in Mauritania.