Brown horse with SPANA vet
Brown horse with SPANA vet


Donkey with a SPANA stencil

Rescuing Botswana’s stray donkeys

We found a solution for improving the health & wellbeing of donkeys in Botswana.

Brown carriage horse

Equine charities promote welfare for working equids

Equine charities have joined forces to promote welfare standards for hard-working donkeys, horses and mules.

Supporter tour header photo

A fond farewell to the Spana supporter’s Zimbabwe tour

Jeremy Hulme reflects on his last supporters' tour in Zimbabwe.

an elephant and three keepers

An update from Myanmar’s working elephants camps

Chief Executive Jeremy Hulme talks about SPANA’s impact on the welfare of working elephants in Myanmar.

Jeremy education blog

Jeremy reflects on the impact of education

As he prepares to retire after 28 years, our Chief Executive Jeremy Hulme looks to the future.

Donkey and its foal

Change is happening in Mauritania

Chief Executive Jeremy Hulme reflects on changes to animal welfare in Mauritania.

Animals carrying bags

Paul O’Grady supports Spana’s International Working Animal Day

TV star Paul O’Grady lends his support to International Working Animal Day.

A horse in Morocco is fitted with a new bit and harness

A guide to bridles

Find out more about bridles and bits with SPANA.

Brown horse harnessed to cart

A guide to horse harness parts

Find out more about horse harness parts and working animal harness welfare.

Two donkeys on a road

World Animal Day

Learn more about World Animal Day.

Table of cakes

Fundraising ideas for the International Day of Charity

Discover our fundraising ideas for the International Day of Charity.

Men holding equipment

Exchanging Zrika’s painful donkey harness

Discover how our Morocco centre ensures working animals like Zrika the Donkey have access to the right equipment.

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