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Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to give some of your time to charity, but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re a regular fundraiser but want to try something a bit different this year. Get inspired with our guide to charity fundraising ideas to try in 2016…

12642445_10154087780430695_4299371021047076607_n1. Cuddle a cutie

Who could resist giving this gorgeous ball of fluff a squeeze?! That’s what one of our supporters Joy Lambert thought and so started her regular (and very popular) bunny cuddling fundraiser! Joy charges a small fee for each bunny cuddle, and has raised almost £600 from four events.

Hugging an animal helps to boost happiness levels, so if you have some adorable animals, why not bring some cheer to your community and to charity by sharing them with others?

2. Spice things up
10609664_10153920358760695_3681670999323346724_nBeing one of Britain’s favourite foods, the curry nights hosted by SPANA supporter Judith Best at her local curry house were bound to be a success, and they have proven to be a fantastic way to raise money for the charity.

Judith arranges a special deal with her local Indian restaurant, Red Peppers, and charges people £10 for a delicious meal, with half the money going to SPANA. She’s raised over £1,300 with this tasty idea, showing that food and fundraising are the recipe for success!

12241250_10153943353020695_6968861602812272153_n3. Set your own challenge
If you’re a bit bored of the usual running or cycling races, why not stand out from the crowd and create a new fitness challenge that is completely personal to you? That’s just what Alice Burch did last year, deciding to run a world record breaking 60 marathons in 60 consecutive days, raising over £5,500 for SPANA.

And 68 year-old retired vet Anthony Smith decided to set himself a [email protected] challenge, cycling the 350 miles of Route 68 for SPANA and Freedom from Torture. What challenge could you set yourself?

4. Team up

getimage-1Aisha Wilson’s idea of organising a charity darts match with her local darts team, hit the bullseye and was a great way of raising money and awareness of SPANA among her local community. Are there local teams in your community you could organise a charity match for?




5. Declutter

getimageWhy not start the spring cleaning early and clear out all the unwanted clothes, toys and anything else you have lying around the house! Just like Laura Butlin, who arranged and held a clothes sale with all proceeds going to SPANA.

12289549_10153939070850695_414787564205408279_n6. Join a fundraising group
Finally, we know that fundraising on your own can sometimes be a bit daunting, so why not join a SPANA fundraising group and share the load?

You’ll have a network of support for your fundraising efforts, raise more money, and as you’re not on your own, you’ll have a lot more fun too.

Find out more about joining a group. If there’s not one already in your area, you can always lead the way and set one up!

SPANA works in some of the poorest countries in the world, so every penny raised goes a long way overseas to help hard-working animals and the people that rely on them.

For more fundraising ideas, read our 10 charity fundraising ideas for work. Food-lovers can read our 13 charity fundraising ideas for people who love food.

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