Donkey foal being petted by young boy

No matter what the treatment is, or the level of need, we know that each and every animal that is brought to SPANA is beautiful in its own way, but there are some that are also eye-catchingly cute. 

Here we’ve rounded up ten of the best, and would love to hear from you which you would choose as SPANA’s cutest of the year. Comment below, or visit us on Facebook to cast your vote.

  1. Ayman the orphan donkey foal from Jordan lives at our education centre, helping children to learn about animals

2. This beautiful camel, Mehdi, was treated by SPANA staff in Tunisia

3. He may not be young, but the big smile on this donkey’s face definitely puts him into contention for cutest of the year

4. Will you vote for this stunning horse foal?

5. Tariro, the gorgeous donkey foal was found by SPANA supporters on a recent tour

6. We think this donkey and dog meeting for the first time are incredibly cute

7. This lovely white donkey foal surely has a chance of winning?

8. This elephant calf from Myanmar stole the heart of SPANA’s former CEO Jeremy Hulme

9. Another beautiful horse foal at our Chemaia centre in Morocco

10. Massun was found abandoned by our team in Jordan. They rescued her and she stole their hearts.

Which is your favourite? Let us know now!

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