Horses bringing water to troughs in Morocco

There are so many ways to help animals around the world with SPANA, here are a few ideas and go to our partners page for even more!

eBay for Charity

ebay for charityWhen selling items on eBay you can donate part of your earnings to SPANA. Often supporters offer to donate us their goods to sell but we cannot do so due to difficulties with administration and storage, so selling your items via eBay is the perfect alternative.

Visit for more information.

Recycling for SPANA

recycling for SPANAYou can help us to raise money by sending your recycling donation for free. We can recycle:

• Any jewellery – gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches, broken and damaged items (like odd earrings, snapped chains or items with missing stones).
• Any unwanted banknotes – old and new, UK and foreign banknotes, including all the pre Euro notes that are now worthless to you.

If you would like to send your jewellery and banknote recycling to us, simply wrap, pack, print the label below and send! Use your own envelope or jiffy bag (no bigger than A5 in size) and post free of charge by printing out the freepost label below and attaching to your envelope.

Click here to download your freepost label

*Please do not send coins to the freepost address above as unfortunately the postage costs will far outweigh your donation.

Donate your stamps

One of SPANA’s valued supporters has agreed to take on the time-consuming task of processing and selling used stamps to raise some much-needed funds for SPANA. If you’d like to contribute, please cut your stamps from the envelope and leave ¼ inch around the stamp to make them easier to process. Please do not tear around the stamps as this damages them and makes them worthless to sell on.

Please send all stamps to:

Alan Gray
7 Rookery Close
St Ives
PE27 5FX

If you would like to know they have arrived safely, please include a stamped addressed envelope. Please check the packet size and weight before you send any packages as any that arrive underpaid will have to be paid for by SPANA funds.

Donate your postcards

Do you have any used postcards lying around at home? By sending them on you can help raise funds for working animals.
Please send postcards to:

Miss J Webb
18 Hammonds Way
SO40 3HF

Miss Webb will kindly sell them on to collectors and send the proceeds to SPANA.

You can find out about more ways of raising money for SPANA on our partner’s section of the website.