Run a 5K or fun run for SPANA working animal charity

For those who want to participate in a run without the stress of preparing for tough distances or serious races, there are tons of charity fun runs which are well…fun! You can walk, crawl, skip, and wear silly costumes while following scenic and safe 5K routes. These runs are great for the entire family to get involved in so make it a day out and have friends and families come along for a picnic and to cheer you on along the way.

If there isn’t a local run that you already know about, find out about other events near you:

Do you have your own place in a 5k or fun run?

We’d love you to come on board as a SPANA runner! All you have to do is find the run you’d like to participate in, sign up to the run, and then we’ll provide you with hints and tips on your fundraising, sponsorship forms and training advice. We’ll also provide you with your very own SPANA running vest or T-shirt to wear with pride on the day.