Runner in a race in the Great Runs series for SPANA animal charity

Want the flexibility of running close to home and choosing your target distance? Running a race or two from the Great Run series for SPANA could be just the thing!

When: Throughout the year
Where: Across the UK (see below for details)
Distance: 5K to half marathons and marathons

Want to run for charity, but don’t want to travel too far? The Great Run Series has running events across the country, so chances are there’s a run happening close to where you are! Events include the world-famous Bupa Great North Run in Newcastle, Great Yorkshire Run, Great Manchester Run, and Great South Run in Portsmouth.

Visit the Great Runs website to see where and when the next run will be and reserve your place on behalf of SPANA.

Do you have your own place in one of the Great Run events?
We’d love you to come on board as a SPANA runner! We’ll provide you with hints and tips on your fundraising, training advice and provide you with your very own SPANA running vest or t-shirt to wear with pride on the day.

SPANA supporter Amanda after running the Great Run Manchester half marathon for charity

‘As a veterinary nurse what I like about SPANA is they don’t just provide financial aid to working animals abroad, they also provide education. So the family who rely on their donkey etc for their financial income can learn how to provide a happier, healthier, longer life for the animal. I ran the Great Manchester 10KM for SPANA to help spread this priceless education worldwide and I will gladly do it again.’
– Amanda Bracewell, 10k Great Manchester Run, 2016

Once you’ve secured your place

Get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]. We can’t wait to have you as part of our SPANA team!