Runner running the Virgin London Marathon for SPANA charity

Help working donkeys and horses all over the world by lacing up for the UK’s biggest marathon.

When: April, 2018
Where: London
Distance: 26.2 miles

Run the Virgin Money London Marathon for SPANA! Enter the ballot for 2018’s Virgin Money London Marathon and, if you’re lucky enough to get a place, join our marathon team for one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events of the year.

With thousands of people coming out to run or show their support, it’s a fantastic experience that brings people together for causes that they believe in. Running for SPANA – especially if you want to brave the run with one of our Donkey costumes – will bring vital attention to the work SPANA does across the globe.

Contact our events team on 020 7831 3999 or email [email protected] to discuss how you can run in support of SPANA and set up a funding page.

Join the SPANA team to receive tips on fundraising, training, and how you can promote your involvement in this year’s marathon. We guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic time and will be running for the benefit of working animals around the world.

runner with medal after running marathon for SPANA animal charity

I chose SPANA because, as a vet student, I understand how important their work is and how lucky we are in this country with the welfare standards we have and the veterinary care available to our pets and working animals.
Running the half was hard! It was quite a hot day for March which wasn’t expected and I started to struggle at about mile 7. If I hadn’t been running for SPANA and didn’t have those donations behind me I think I would’ve struggled to keep going. But on completion it felt amazing to know that my two hours of running would help numerous animals who suffer every day.
– Robyn Gore, Vet Student