A mare and foal in a field

We know that fundraising on your own can sometimes be a bit daunting, so why not join a SPANA fundraising group and share the load?

Being part of a fundraising group is a brilliant way to meet like-minded people who share a passion for helping the working animals of the world. You’ll also have a network of support for your fundraising efforts, raise more money, and as you’re not on your own, you’ll have a lot more fun too!

Horse shaped biscuits on a fundraising tableYou’ll find a list of SPANA’s current fundraising groups below with the relevant contact details. If there isn’t a group in your area yet then how about getting together with friends, family or work colleagues and forming your own group? We can even help you get started by linking you up with fellow supporters in your area.

For information and guidance, plus SPANA fundraising materials, contact our Community and Supporter Care team on 020 7831 3999 or at [email protected]. Let’s make a difference for the working animals of the world – together.

Current Groups

London – Lizzie Chambers
Manchester – Paula Britton
Midlands – Jenny Porter
Bath – Gail Needham
Lancashire – Joan Jempson
Kent – Linda Lisgarten
Surrey – David Rainford
North Wales – Marilyn Dunbabin-Hayes

If you’re interested in joining any of the above fundraising groups, or creating a group in your area, email [email protected], or call the SPANA team on 020 7831 3999.