Thanks to so many individuals that have put time and effort into raising money for SPANA, we have received more than £150,000 over the years! This is vital money that has helped thousands of working animals.

If you are one of our fantastic fundraisers and would like to feature on our success stories page, then please email us at [email protected].

Check out what some of our amazing fundraisers have been up to below, but first, find out more about our fundraising groups and have a look at how you can get involved with fundraising for SPANA.

SPANA’s fundraising groups

Our Fundraising Groups have been working hard across the country, in 2016 they raised over £6,200! We know that fundraising on your own can sometimes be a bit daunting, so why not join a SPANA fundraising group and share the load? You’ll have a network of support for your fundraising efforts, raise more money, and as you’re not on your own, you’ll have a lot more fun too. Find out more about joining a group. If there’s not one already in your area, you can always lead the way and set one up!

Success Stories