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Become a Stable Sponsor and provide a haven of care

In developing countries around the world more than 200 million animals are being used as trucks, tractors and taxis. Tragically, in the course of their working lives, many of these hard working animals will suffer from malnutrition, exhaustion, disease or injury.

A donkey recovering from surgery in a SPANA stable But there’s a wonderful way you can help to ease the pain and suffering of these animals – as a SPANA Stable Sponsor.

The stables at our 14 SPANA centres across Africa and the Middle East are a lifeline for many thousands of horses, donkeys and other animals. Whether it’s a donkey seriously injured in a road traffic accident, a horse suffering with tetanus, or a mule with a badly infected wound, every day, with your help, our teams will be there to give free, lifesaving care.

You can sponsor a donkey, horse, camel or other working animal as a Stable Sponsor, and will play a special part in an animal’s recovery. Your support will provide expert treatment, medicines, food, rest and recuperation that these vulnerable animals urgently need.

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Hassan the donkey before treatment
After image of Hassan

This young donkey called Hassan was a recent patient at our centre in Morocco. After being kicked by a cow, Hassan needed emergency treatment for a painful hernia that has caused a large swelling on his side.

SPANA vets operated on Hassan under general anaesthetic to repair the hernia and, much to his owner’s relief, the procedure went well. Hassan was also given an anti-tetanus shot, painkillers and antibiotics. He then needed three weeks rest and recovery at the stables before being allowed to go home.

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stable-sponsor-2Could you help sponsor a donkey like Hassan, to help us to treat him?

As a sponsor you’ll provide everything animals need to make a full recovery

Expert care – your support will help buy the local anesthetics, antibiotics, painkillers and bandages SPANA vets need to treat serious wounds.

Lifesaving medicine – your support will pay for animals to be vaccinated against painful and potentially fatal diseases like tetanus.

Food and rest – many animals that come to our stables need to stay at least a week before they have fully recovered. Your gifts will provide the nutritious food, comfy stables and tender loving care these animals need to rebuild their strength while they’re in our care.

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Become a Stable SponsorWhat you’ll receive as a Stable Sponsor:

• An exclusive welcome pack – either by email or post
• Two Stable Sponsor updates a year – keeping you up to date with the animals that are feeling better thanks to your sponsorship and support
• All the news and stories from the stables on dedicated web pages
• The joy of knowing you’re making a difference to working animals in need

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