Donate in memory

Give a SPANA gift in memory

At a time of loss, people often draw comfort from commemorating the life of someone special by donating in their memory to their favourite charity.

A donation to SPANA in memory of a loved one will ensure that their name will live on in happy, healthy working animals around the world. Your donation ensures that we can continue to provide veterinary care, education and support for not only working animals but the communities that depend on them as well.

More ways to donate in memory

You can make your donation online or call us on 1300 149 080 to donate over the phone. If you make your donation online, please do let us know who your gift is in memory of in the Comments section of the form, so that we can contact you to acknowledge your kindness. If you have any questions about making a donation in memory, please do call us or email [email protected], and one of our team will be in touch.

Start a Regular Gift

By setting up a monthly gift in memory of your loved one, you can ensure that your support continues helping animals in need for many years to come. Set up a monthly gift online. Please do let us know who your gift is in memory of in the Comments section of the form when setting up your monthly gift, so that we can contact you to thank you for your support.

Set Up a Tribute Fund

Fundraising in memory of a loved one is a thoughtful way to bring friends and family together in an online community. Click here to set up an online fundraising page in your loved one’s name, complete with personalised pictures, music, videos, and stories.

You can then share your fundraising page, asking for individuals to donate and share messages and memories as a lasting, personal tribute to your loved one. If you have any questions about setting up a page, don’t hesitate to email us on [email protected].

Donations in Lieu of Flowers

You might like to suggest that friends and family donate in memory to SPANA in lieu of bringing flowers to the funeral. You can collect the donations online by setting up an online fundraising page.

Events in Memory

Many people choose to remember a friend or family member by doing something active or participating in an activity that they loved. We welcome any fundraising event that you feel honours the passions of that special individual you want to remember through supporting SPANA. Find out more about fundraising events here.

A Lasting Memorial

As a way of SPANA saying thank you for gifts in memory, we’d like to create a lasting record to commemorate your loved one’s life. For tributes of $50 or more, we’ll record their name in our special Book of Remembrance kept at our head office. For tributes of $250 or more, your loved one’s name will be recorded with a plaque on our memorial wall, in the beautiful gardens of our centre in Marrakech.

Tribute Giving

Tribute giving, whether for a birthday, wedding or anniversary is a lovely way to celebrate happy memories by supporting SPANA’s work. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to give your loved ones, consider a donation in memory to SPANA for the animal lover in your life.

Donate in Memory of Beloved Pets

For many of us, animals are part of the family. Our pets receive all of the love, care and attention that they could ever want, and there is always a vet on hand should they fall ill. Sadly, not all animals are so lucky and due to poverty and lack of education, SPANA finds many animals in desperate need around the world. A gift to SPANA in memory of your pet will honour their life in a very special way; by helping those animals that are less fortunate around the world.

If you let us know your pet’s name, we will include them on our online pet memorial wall.