Banner image for the Lucky Horseshoe charity raffle 2018

The Lucky Horseshoe raffle is a fantastic way to support SPANA’s vital work across the world. By taking part in our charity raffle, you’ll also put yourself in with a chance of winning a host of great raffle prizes, including a £3,000 cash prize. The Lucky Horseshoe raffle costs just £1 to enter.

As well as the possibility of winning an amazing prize, you’ll be helping to save the lives of hardworking animals around the world. Last year we provided over 300,000 veterinary treatments to donkeys, horses, mules, camels and elephants. We’d love to treat even more working animals this year, but we can only achieve this with your continued support in the Lucky Horseshoe charity raffle.

Did you know that, with just £12, we can treat the wounds of a working animal? With £24 we can provide tetanus shots to eight working animals and prevent dangerous conditions becoming fatal.

A top prize of £3,000

There are 92 prizes to be won in the Lucky Horseshoe charity raffle, including an amazing first prize of £3,000. Like you, our main concern is for the animals and for SPANA’s work. But we do love to see kind raffle supporters like yourself winning these great raffle prizes.

Typically, we raise over £130,000 from our raffles, so make sure you buy your ticket today!

Prize list for SPANA's Lucky Horseshoe charity raffle

Help save more working animals like Fanta

Fanta works 7 hours a day on the Mali rubbish dumps, treading in potentially dangerous objects and inhaling smoke from the burning plastics.

His owner, Mamado, relies on him to support his young family. So when Fanta got injured, Mamado was distraught. He immediately called SPANA and our vets went on an urgent home visit to the outskirts of Bamako to help him with his injured donkey.

Fanta had suffered a nasty head injury. Our vets set straight to work and stitched the wound, gave an anti-inflammatory injection and prescribed a course of painkillers. At the same time as treating Fanta’s wounds our vets also checked the donkey’s general condition and explained to Mamado the importance of good nutrition.

Thanks to the hard work of our vet team within a few days Fanta was on the mend. His owner said “I’m very happy and I want to thank so much for everything that SPANA is doing here”. By buying or selling charity raffle tickets you are helping to treat other working animals in need, like Fanta.