Philanthropy and major gifts

You can help make a huge difference to the lives of working animals through your philanthropy – whether it is supporting our core work with a significant donation or funding an entirely new project.

Some donors and charitable trusts support our work through major gifts. This is vital to enable SPANA to continue providing over 376,000 treatments to sick and injured animals each year and essential animal welfare education for owners and children. SPANA’s work helps both working animals and the people who depend on them: their owners, families and often whole communities.

Some donors and charitable trusts prefer to support entire projects or component parts through their philanthropy. These major gifts are crucial to get pilot projects off the ground, expand existing projects and conduct innovative research, particularly where grants are contingent on matched funding.

Two projects that we are urgently seeking funding for are:


X-ray and ultrasound equipment

In some of the more rural parts of Botswana, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia and Zimbabwe, people still heavily rely on working animals to earn a living. In the blistering heat, struggling with backbreaking loads, these animals are at risk of illness and injury every day. Without the right equipment, these illnesses and injuries can be left undiagnosed and untreated, causing animals terrible pain and even death. X-ray and ultrasound equipment is essential for SPANA’s vets to accurately diagnose and treat sick and injured working animals. With the correct diagnosis, treatment plans can be developed and an accurate outlook can be given to owners, ensuring time is given for animals recover fully.

Educational Story Books

Children are the animal owners of the future and we believe that it is essential that they understand how to treat animals with care and compassion. SPANA is producing short illustrated stories featuring animal characters in realistic settings to encourage empathy in children. The stories are translated into local languages and are based in familiar settings to help children connect emotionally with the characters and transfer this empathy to real animals they encounter in their day to day lives. Learning to care for working animals is vital for children in many poor communities, as animals that live healthier lives will be more productive and will give their owners a better standard of living.

Learn more

To learn more about how your philanthropy can improve the lives of working animals, and the families that depend on them, please contact Caroline Francis at [email protected]

We will ensure you are provided with updates and regular reports to keep you informed on the progress of your project, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.