Horse tales: Animal welfare stories from Morocco, Farah the foal

A foal that was injured when caught on a barbed wire fence has been treated at our Khemmiset centre in Morocco

Farah, a four-month-old filly, was in a field with her mother when she got entangled in the wire and tore the area above her left elbow.

Farah the foal

Farah’s owner was able to cut the wire to free her before the wound got any worse and rushed her to SPANA’s centre.

Our vets carefully cleaned Farah’s wound and then gave her anti-inflammatory drugs, an anti-tetanus injection and started her on a course of antibiotics.  They then stitched up the wound under sedation and admitted her as an inpatient to recover along with her mum. 

Just over two weeks later, Farah’s wound had closed and the vets were pleased with her progress.  Before going home, her owner was advised on how to improve his fencing to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Farah the horse after treatment

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