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What is the International Day of Charity?

This September 5th will be the fifth annual International Day of Charity. It was first commemorated in 2012 on the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, and started by the United Nations as a way to encourage people to support charitable individuals and organisations across the world. With poverty, animal welfare issues and natural disasters persisting across the world, it’s as important as ever to help raise awareness and funding for the causes you care about the most. And what better time to do so than on the International Day of Charity!

_0149348The aim of this international charity day is to encourage people to get involved with the causes they feel passionate about. Whether this is by making a donation or taking part in fundraising and public awareness activities, there are plenty of charity day ideas to get involved in.

It’s easy to join in and help make a huge difference to SPANA and working animals across the world.

There are currently at least 200 million working animals in developing countries around the world, doing the jobs of trucks, tractors and taxis. When these animals become sick or injured, their owners often don’t have access to the treatments they need, meaning they will continue to suffer, and the owners will lose the horses, donkeys or camels they rely on to support themselves and their families. However, SPANA reaches out animals in these developing countries, providing free veterinary care and education about animal welfare to the owners of the future.

_2024085_11305700_6658, 6658In 2017, SPANA provided over 300,000 veterinary treatments and education programmes for more than 60,000 children. But, with no government funding, we need your help to continue to treat the sick and injured working animals of the world. So, why not dedicate this September 5 to SPANA? Like and share our posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to let your friends know about the great work SPANA is doing, or you could even organise a charity day fundraising activity of your own.

You could host a bake sale at work, set up an office pub quiz or sports event, or even join a local SPANA fundraising group. Have a look through our blog post for other easy and fun ways to raise money and awareness for the working animals of the world.

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Happy International Day of Charity!