Thanks to everyone who has entered the Lucky Horseshoe Autumn Raffle. Your kindness will help make life better for working animals around the world.

Without further delay, here are the winners of the 2018 Autumn Raffle.

£3,000 cash prize

Miss Rowena Harris – Twickenham

£750 cash prize

Mrs M Amold – Sheerness

£150 cash prizes 

Mr J Walker – Bury

Mr Andrew Gilson – Wolverhampton

Mr R J McKay – Lincoln

£50 cash prizes 

Mrs Jane Woolman – Haverfordwest

Mrs Christine Bentley – Gloucester

Mrs M Rooks – Southampton

Miss Janet Fairfield – Cheadle

Ms Melody Lovelace – Cowes

Mr C Russell – Uckfield

Mrs Christine Geoghan – Leicester

Mrs V Leeming – Scarborough

Mr J Walker – Bury

Mrs Sandra Sayer – Wetherby

Ms A Ward – Salisbury

Ms Evelyn Mcswitys – Stockport

Mrs Maureen Mayne – Mold

Mrs A Wills – Ruislip

Mr Colin Brooker – Chard

Mr J Durrell – Ipswich

Mr Michael Dunn – Edenbridge

Miss J Lincoln – Kings Lynn

Mrs Ann Franklin – Honiton

Mrs Murphy – Slough


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