Two Mauritanian donkeys

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Donkey and young boy

Working donkey champions: role models in South Africa

Working Donkey Champions train animal welfare ambassadors across the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

A boy and a brown horse

Sheno’s horses get new shoes

In the small town of Sheno, Ethiopia, local farrier David Debelle works tirelessly to provide working horses with a better quality of life.

Ann Widdecombe in Mauritania

Ann Widdecombe visits Mauritania with Spana

SPANA ambassador Ann Widdecombe travelled to Mauritania to see how SPANA is helping the country's working animals.

Sunk the horse

A twist of fate for horse and vet

An accident first brought Sunk the horse to us many years ago.

Dafijeh the white horse with his owner Kalifa

Keeping a careful eye on Dafijeh

Find out how the SPANA Mali team helped this eight-year-old stallion.

four SPANA vets with their books

Spana vets celebrated

Four SPANA vets were celebrated for their work earlier this month, after winning a competition to discover some of their most interesting cases.

Man and children holding a camel

Saving Goloo’s sight

Find out how SPANA helped to save Goloo the camel from Rajasthan.

Two Mauritanian donkeys

People in the UK are unaware of the dangers that donkeys are facing

Donkeys are at risk due to growing demand for ‘ejiao’, a product made from donkey skins.

Two donkeys on a road

Spana CEO speaks out about the donkey skin trade

Our Chief Executive explains how millions of donkeys are at risk because of rapidly growing demand for ‘ejiao’.

Children in classroom

Teaching empathy by touring Tunisia

Read about our education bus in Tunisia.

Morocco donkeys drinking water

Our Autumn Raffle winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Lucky Horseshoe Autumn Raffle. Find out who the winners are.

Women holding white rabbit

A popular destination for Jordan’s children

Children’s charity Al Yasmin visits SPANA Jordan’s education centre to learn about the importance of good animal handling.

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