Stopping the donkey skin trade

SPANA Chief Executive Geoffrey Dennis explains how millions of donkeys are at risk because of rapidly growing demand for ‘ejiao’, a product made from donkey skins used in traditional Chinese medicine. Working alongside international and local NGOs, SPANA is calling for an immediate halt to the ejiao trade, which is threatening working donkeys, and the communities who rely on them for survival.

Please be aware, you may find some footage in this video upsetting.

Find out what SPANA is doing to stop the donkey skin trade.

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One comment on “SPANA CEO speaks out about the donkey skin trade

  1. David Purser on

    I am appalled by the way people treat animals. do these people have no morals. donkeys have a hard life mostly but it would not harm to treat them kindly. I think that the trade in skins should be banned with severe punishment for those who do not adhere. All animals should be treated well they are not here to be abused by people who should know better


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