Children who visited the SPANA education bus in Tunisa

Earlier this year SPANA launched a new education bus in Tunisia which brings SPANA’s message of animal compassion to schools and villages in remote areas of the country. During the immersive experience, children wear headsets and pass through a series of interactive displays, learning about the value of working animals, and fostering sympathy for their plight.

Ayman the student on the bus

A cartoon donkey brings the children on a journey, explaining the trials and tribulations of his working life. The children are shown the harm of animal neglect and have the opportunity to touch wire hobbles and  feel the heavy weight of water carried by working animals.

Here, on the SPANA education bus in Tunisia, students can see first-hand how hard animals work in their communities and the difference that just a little bit of kindness can make. The bus visits communities across the country where children of all ages are invited to come onboard to experience a multimedia world of animal welfare education.

The message of the story reinforces the value of the humane treatment of working animals, challenging harmful traditions and preconceived notions. The children are immediately affected by the animals’ plight.

SPANA education bus Tunisia

10 year old Ayman says,

“I’ve developed awareness on how to treat animals in a humane way. I have learned that animals have feelings as well. I consider our pets to be close friends of mine and I really appreciate and love the donkey – it’s such an important animal.”

Since the bus was launched in June 2017, it has visited 56 schools, and reached 2,452 students across Tunisia. Many of the children own pets, especially cats and dogs, in addition to rabbits, chickens, sheep, goats and even cows. The values of animal empathy taught by the education bus improve the children’s relationships with animals as well as influence the student’s families and communities.

The enthusiastic teacher Khaled Mhamdi says,

Khaled the teacher on the education bus

“Working at SPANA is just amazing. Giving my students the opportunities to know the value of animals brings me such a joy.”

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