Marrakech Webcams

The SPANA refuge

Welcome to the SPANA refuge in the heart of Marrakech. You are watching live pictures of the work being carried out at our busy animal hospital that last year treated over 18,000 working animals.

There’s plenty going on throughout the day. At 9 am UK time you will see owners from across the city bringing their donkeys, horses and mules in for treatment.

We’ll let you know when big events are happening so you can watch live the great work you help us to achieve everyday with your support.

The refuge is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

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R&R for more seriously injured or sick animals in our comfortable stables. You’ll often see treatment going on here as well. Times when equines fed 09.00 am, 10.00 am, 14.00pm, 16.00pm GMT Times when equine hospital cases treated 9.00 am-01.00 pm

The yard

Across the yard of our refuge you can see animals being led to our stables.

Treatment waiting area

Assessment and treatment - this is where the vital work happens. It’s a bit like a doctor’s waiting room and it can get very busy. SPANA’s vets are the ones in the green overalls. Times when routine cases seen morning and afternoon 9.00 am-01.00 pm

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