Six Wells... ONE WISH... Please help us to save Mbera’s animals

If we could make one wish this Christmas, it would be for water to save the lives of thousands of animals

Mbera stampWater is a basic need that no living thing can do without. Yet in the Mbera refugee camp, deep in the Mauritanian desert, water is in desperately short supply. Right now, around 470,000 animals and their owners are fighting for survival. The situation is urgent – we must act now to provide them with lifesaving water. Please can you help?

Life in Mbera is harsh for man and beast. The 75,000 refugees are reliant on emergency aid, and their animals are in desperate need of basic resources. Donkeys, camels and livestock living in this part of the world are incredibly resilient but they simply cannot survive without water.

Please give £30 to help keep animals and people alive

Mbera camp - MauritaniaThe situation is desperate so we’ve already taken action. Working with a local partner in Mauritania, we are going to repair six wells in an area around the Mbera camp. The wells are traditional pastoralist wells that have fallen into disrepair over a number of decades. They require varying amounts of reconstruction in order to access the water table. 

The wells have the potential to provide drinking water for many thousands of animals, but at the moment they are rundown, blocked or completely unusable. Our partner in Mauritania has the experience to repair these wells, but we urgently need to raise £42,855 to help them.

With your help we can breathe new life into the wells and provide vitally needed water 

Donkeys in Mbera campIn and around the camp there are currently around 50,000 equids, 35,000 camels, 100,000 sheep and goats and 285,000 head of cattle. People depend on them in the camp: cattle and other livestock are providing nutritious milk to help the children fend off malnutrition, whilst donkeys offer transport for drinking water, goods and people around the camp. And when it’s safe for the refugees to return home, they will need their animals more than ever to make a fresh start and resume their traditional way of life.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical that we do everything we can to save these animals right now.

Thousands of animals are dangerously dehydrated and could perish without our urgent help. So please give a gift today of £30 or as much as you can. Thank you

Our target for the Mbera emergency wells appeal is £42,855. If the generosity of supporters means that we exceed the target for this appeal, any additional funds will be used wherever the need is greatest to help working animals. 
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