Donkey tales: Abandoned foal finds a new home, Mensi the foal

A sick donkey foal that was abandoned at a souk in Chemaia has found a new home with the boy that rescued him.

Abdelhak Karmi, who is 12-years-old, spotted the foal lying on the ground at the end of a souk (market).  He first thought the foal had died but then saw that he was still breathing.  There was no mother, owner or any other people in sight, and so Abdelhak realised that the foal must have been abandoned. 

Mensi the donkey foal

Abdelhak carefully put the foal, that he named Mensi (which means forgotten), into his little cart and pulled him home to give him water and some feed.  Despite some nourishment, Mensi remained weak, dejected and was straining when having bowel movements.   

The next morning Abdelhak put Mensi into his little cart again and pulled him for two kilometres to reach SPANA’s centre.  Abdelhak knew about SPANA as he had visited the centre to take part in our education programme when his family had been able to afford to send him to school. 

The vets gave Mensi a full examination and diagnosed him atresia ani, which is a condition where the back passage is partially closed.  The vets suspected that this was the reason why the foal had been abandoned at the souk the day before.  They gave Mensi an epidural and operated immediately to correct the problem. 

Mensi was admitted as an inpatient and over a course of a week was bottle fed with milk and honey.  He quickly recovered and the vets asked Abdelhak if his family would be able to keep Mensi. 

Mensi after treatment

Abdelhak has three brothers, who despite their young age, have been forced to work to support their parents as their father is unemployed following an accident he had when working as a mason.  It’s been over a year since Abdelhak stopped going to school and he now works at the souk hauling goods in his little cart. 

He told the vets that the family would like to keep Mensi, so that in a few years time they might be able to earn money from him pulling a cart, which would mean that some of his brothers might be able to go back to school.  The vets allowed him to take Mensi home on the promise that he would be brought back for regular check-ups.

Abdelhak was very grateful for SPANA’s help.  He said: “I knew there were people that take care of working animals from visiting SPANA with my old school.  Thank you for helping Mensi and me. I hope that once my donkey is grown, he will be a great help to support my family and one day my brothers will be able to go back to school.”

Mensi after treatment 2

Last year SPANA provided almost 400,000 treatments to working animals like Mensi, all thanks to our supporters.  If you would like to make a donation to help us treat more animals, please use the form below.

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