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About the donkey skins trade

Across Africa, tens of thousands of donkeys are being stolen from their owners and brutally slaughtered and skinned to produce ‘ejiao,’ a gelatinous substance that is widely used in Asian cosmetics and traditional medicine. Often, these poor animals are starved beforehand to make the process of removing their prized hides easier.

In some African countries, more than a third of donkeys have been killed in under two years, devastating communities that depend on these animals for their very survival.

Thanks to supporters like you, SPANA is fighting this destructive trade on the ground, rescuing starving animals from abattoirs and providing them with emergency food and veterinary care. We’re also working with trusted outreach partners to empower local communities across Africa to serve as the first line of defence against donkey poaching. But we need your help to put an end to the devastation of the donkey skins trade.

Your £3 monthly gift, made simply by mobile, could feed a donkey that has been saved from an abattoir for two days.

Every single action we take to make the world a better place for working animals depends on donations from caring people like you.

Thank you.

SPANA vet treating donkey


SPANA provides free veterinary treatment for working animals at our centres across Africa and the Middle East.

SPANA vet running vet training workshop


SPANA trains by building expertise among vets and promoting humane care by animal owners.

Children attending SPANA education class


SPANA teaches children to develop positive beliefs, respect and compassion towards animals.