SPANA Ethiopia vet treating brown horse in front of SPANA vehicle

Six year-old horse Keyo was brought to our mobile clinic in Adama, Ethiopia, by his worried owner Solomon, after he lost his appetite and became depressed and unresponsive.

Our SPANA Ethiopia team examined him and found that his vital signs, such as temperature and heart rate, were high, and diagnosed him with a systemic infection, similar to the flu in humans. SPANA’s vets gave Keyo painkillers to help stop any pain and reduce the temperature, as well as a course of antibiotics toresized-2 help treat possible bacteria causing the generalised infection to his body. They also told Solomon to rest Keyo for at least six days so that he could fully recover.

SPANA’s team were really pleased that Solomon brought Keyo to the clinic as soon as he realised that he wasn’t feeling well and they advised him to always bring his horses to SPANA if he thinks something might be wrong with them.resized

When he’s fit and healthy, Keyo pulls a cart for Solomon, helping him to deliver goods to the local market. This work helps Solomon support his wife, mother and sister who all live with him. Solomon was very thankful to SPANA for helping to treat Keyo, saying:

Thank you SPANA. I’m supporting all my family members with the money I earn from my horses. They are like family members to me. When I found Keyo was not in good health, luckily it was the day of SPANA’s mobile clinic, so I brought him there straight away. With the treatment he got from you, he is very well now and back to work. I know words can’t do much, but at least I can say thank you again and again.