Marwan the brown donkey

Khezri Mohamed brought his 11 year old donkey Marwan to the Bousalem clinic in Tunisia concerned that a wound on his animal’s left shoulder was not healing.

Mr Mohamed, his wife, and five children depend on Marwan for their livelihood as he is used to deliver water to local communities seven days a week.

After a quick top-to-toe assessment, the SPANA team cleaned and disinfected Marwan’s wound and advised his owner that the padding he was using to make Marwan’s donkey harness more comfortable was worn out.

They replaced the offending saddle pad and told Mohamed to rest Marwan until the wound had healed. They also offered him advice on proper nutrition and care of his donkey.

Mohamed really appreciated the time and consideration that the team showed him and his donkey, saying: “I am very grateful to SPANA for providing free treatment and giving me the chance to keep my donkey healthy and in good working condition.”

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