Aiosihi the horse

Aoisha normally spends her days ploughing fields alongside her owner Khaled, in the rural village of Jarash, Jordan. Together they work to provide one of the only sources of income that sustains Khaled and his family. But when four-year-old Aoisha was brought along to SPANA, she wasn’t able to work – in fact, she could barely walk at all.

On her arrival, the SPANA vet team could tell that Aoisha was struggling so they tried to get as much information from Khaled about what had happened to her. Khaled takes very good care of his only horse and couldn’t come up with an explanation for Aoisha’s pain so our team sprung in to action giving the little horse a full examination. When the vets came to her left hind leg, it was clear that they had found the source of her growing pain.

As the vets couldn’t find a wound or obvious injury, they decided to take a series of x-rays to diagnose the problem. Thanks to this vital equipment, they were able to identify a stone that had become embedded in Aoisha’s sole, causing her debilitating pain with every step.

Dr Ghazi, Country Director for SPANA Jordan, trimmed Aoisha’s sole to locate and remove the stone along with any other debris that might be causing her pain. Although this was a minor procedure, the relief it provided Aoisha was immediate.
Aoisha had the chance to rest for several days at the SPANA centre in Aioishi in treatmentWadi Al Seer where her wound was flushed and freshly bandaged twice a day. She was given fresh hay and clean water and a chance to recuperate away from the heat of the Jordanian sun. Within a matter of days she had recovered enough to return to Khaled and her life on the farm – a much healthier and happier horse.