A camel in Tunisia

SPANA are funding a new mobile clinic to provide free treatment for working camels in Rajasthan, India.

The camels work in the brick kilns in the area around Bassi, moving heavy loads of bricks and sand for their owners who rely on them to earn a living. There are currently no affordable and accessible veterinary services nearby.

dsc_0493Run by our partner organisation, Help in Suffering, the clinic regularly visits around 55 rural villages, covering approximately 1,400km a month. Over 3,000 camels are expected to be treated each year, with common problems including saddle sores, nose peg injuries, lameness, road accidents, blood-borne infections and mange. The team also have a hospital facility to admit more severe cases needing more intensive care.

The project also involves running workshops and distributing resources to teach around 2,000 camel owners about basic husbandry and harnessing.

The team also increase awareness of camel welfare by attending major ‘camel fairs’, which are traditional festivals in the desert.

The team recently attended the Pushkar Camel Fair, which is one of the oldest and largest camel fairs in the world, where people from all over India come to trade camels.

They provided free treatment to almost 900 camels and distributed over 400 reflectors for camel carts to prevent road accidents.

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