SPANA vets teeth rasping brown mule

Farook pulls heavy cartloads of bricks along the dusty roads of Nouakchott in Mauritania. His worried owner, Bilal, brought him to our centre when he noticed that his horse had lost weight and was becoming too weak to work.

Our vet, Fran, gave Farook a thorough oral examination. Using a head torch, she could clearly see the source of his problem.

dsc_0406Some of his teeth had worn away, while others were overgrown. As a result, he couldn’t chew his food properly to extract the nutrients he needed.

As well as being in constant discomfort, Farook was losing weight dramatically and growing weaker by the day.

Fran carefully rasped the horse’s teeth with a powerfloat – a specialist piece of equipment which is particularly effective for reducing larger dental overgrowths. She took great care not to remove too much tooth and expose the pulp – the living part of the tooth – which would result in pain and infection. Farook was eating normally again within hours and well on his way to recovery.

Relieved and grateful, Bilal agreed to bring his horse back for a check-up in six weeks’ time. He said,

without my horse my family would struggle to bring in enough income, so I am thankful to SPANA for helping make him better.

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