Brown horse during treatment

Filly, Sawda was brought to our veterinary centre in Had Ouled Frej, Morocco, by her worried owner, Chahoube, after she developed some painful looking swellings on her neck.

She’s only 8 months old, so Sawda isn’t working yet, but when she gets older and stronger she will allow Chahoube to make a living and support his six children by helping with ploughing and transport.

dsc07299Our vets got straight to work examining Sawda and realised she was suffering from a number of abscesses around her neck. After ruling out infectious causes they suspected that the abscesses were caused by a tight neck tie.

The swellings were lanced, cleaned and bandaged and Sawda was given pain relief to ease any discomfort. The SPANA team advised Chahoube to make sure she got plenty of rest while she recovered and to clean her neck and change her bandages every day. They also advised him how to use a safe head collar in the future to prevent the problem happening again.

After a month, Sawda was fully recovered and Chahoube was very grateful for SPANA’s help saying,

Many thanks to SPANA for the kindness they have shown by treating my animal for free. Thanks to their intervention, my animal is much better than before.

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