A SPANA farrier filing Imed's hooves

Because of money raised by the Vet Charity Challenge, our vet team in Tunisia are able to keep their much-needed mobile clinic running. The clinic allows them to reach thousands of sick and injured working animals every year, including four year-old donkey Imed.

The Vet Charity Challenge is an annual one-day fundraising event for the veterinary sector that raises money for animal charities. Over the last four years, proceeds of over £40,000 have been kindly donated to SPANA.

2-vue-densemble-de-lanimalOtherwise in good health, Imed’s owner Omar was concerned about the state of his hooves, which without access to proper farriery equipment had become overgrown and difficult to walk on.

Omar explained to the SPANA team that Imed typically rests for long periods of time and walks on soft ground while working on the family farm, meaning his hooves are not worn down naturally. SPANA vets quickly remedied this problem by cleaning and trimming the overgrown hooves. 14-rentree-de-lanimalThey were careful to identify the ‘white line’ of the sole so as not to over trim the toes.

Omar was delighted to have Imed returned to him in great condition and learned that to prevent excessive hoof growth in future, he needs to occasionally work Imed on hard ground. He said:

Thank you so much SPANA for helping my animal. I’m so happy that he can walk comfortably again.

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