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We are very grateful for the incredible support of The Anthony V Martin Charitable Foundation this year, generously funding four months full operation of our two mobile veterinary clinics in Mali.

Mali has an estimated working animal population of 2.4 million donkeys, horses and camels that provide support to some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. SPANA’s mobile clinics are a lifeline for working animals, providing free veterinary treatments, administering essential vaccinations and distributing humane equipment.

SPANA mobile clinic in MaliOur veterinary teams travel hundreds of kilometres to reach animals in need, as often the most impoverished communities are in remote and rural areas. Without SPANA and the support of organisations like The Anthony V Martin Charitable Foundation, these animals would have no access to vital veterinary care. Not only would this be devastating for working animals, but also for the families that rely on them. The loss of a working animal can mean a family falling even deeper in to poverty, losing income and their only means of reaching essential services such as schools, markets and water points.

SPANA’s mobile clinics also provide urgent veterinary treatments to the rubbish collection donkeys that work on the towering dumps surrounding Mali’s capital city, Bamako. Life on the rubbish dumps is incredibly tough for donkeys and their owners and SPANA’s mobile clinic teams work tirelessly to improve the health and welfare of these animals.Hans the dog

The Anthony V Martin Charitable Foundation is proud to work with SPANA to improve the lives of working animals in Mali. The Foundation’s generous donation has been made in loving memory of Anthony Martin’s rescue dog, Hans.

Trustee, Anthony Martin, said:

“We want to do all we can to relieve the suffering of animals around the world and we are very pleased to support SPANA’s work in Mali this year.”

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One comment on “Mali Mobile Clinic receives funding

  1. Brunila De Souza on

    I wish more organizations and rich people from India and round the world will aid Spana and all other animal charity organizations in their good work. I can possibly leave what I have only when I die.
    May God bless these donors.


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