Mali’s riding school for disabled children

Changing lives, one ride at a time…

In Bamako, Mali’s capital city, the SPANA team work to improve the lives of children with severe disabilities through our riding school for disabled children rehabilitation programme. One child, Sekou Diakite, couldn’t sit down when he first came for treatment, but within a year he was comfortably sat on our horse, Punky. By the end of the second year he was standing, and after three years he was managing to walk.

Children are referred to SPANA by local disability organisations, and as Sekou’s story shows, time spent with our team of physiotherapists and animals like Punky can make a huge difference.

Punky was rescued from a tough life on the city’s streets, and now loves his new life at the SPANA centre. He’s pampered by staff and loved by the children.


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