Donkey in SPANA stable

Worms are a common problem our vets encounter. Although the problem can be prevented or quickly solved with the right medication, if left untreated the parasites can cause serious damage to animals’ internal organs and can prove fatal.

The team encountered a serious case during a recent mobile clinic visit to Chipinge, where Dr Andy met Mary, a working donkey who was losing weight at a dramatic rate.

Five-year-old Mary was brought to the clinic by her owner from his home in Checheche, where Mary pulls carts to help earn a living for his family. After carrying out tests, Dr Andy diagnosed worms as the cause of Mary’s severe weight loss and immediately treated her with anti-parasite medicine.

Thankfully Mary’s owner, Tungumai Zengeni, had found out about SPANA and was able to bring her to the mobile clinic before she suffered any further.

As well as ensuring that Mary is regularly dewormed, the vets also advised Tungumai to bring Mary to the SPANA clinic should there be any further signs of weight loss in the future to prevent problems worsening.

Tungumai was incredibly grateful for SPANA’s work, saying

I now know more about SPANA and am grateful for the help you have given us. God bless you all.