Knitted donkey, camel, ox and elephant

Emma the elephantMeet the new addition to our Big Knit for Vet Kit family, Emma the Elephant! You can learn to knit Emma, or one our other Big Knit characters by downloading our our free pack.

You can also support real working animals across the world by getting sponsored while you knit, so find out more and get involved today!

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Latest Updates

  • Aziz the dromedary camel after his dental operation

    Aziz is a hard-working camel helping his owner Bashir earn a living taking tourists on rides across the desert in the Tunisian town of Douz.…

  • A donkey is brought to a rural clinic in ZImbabwe

    Knuckles the donkey was brought to SPANA’s Zimbabwe clinic weak, exhausted and unable to walk. Read on to find out how SPANA Zimbabwe came to…

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