Children’s charity Al Yasmin visits SPANA Jordan’s education centre for their third time to learn about the importance of good animal handling.

This June, a group of children from down-syndrome support charity Al Yasmin dropped by the SPANA Jordan Amman centre to meet some of our resident animals. Always a popular destination for the organisation, this was their third trip to our SPANA centre and we were delighted to host them again.

Children from charity Al Yasmin visit the SPANA Jordan education centre.

The children, ranging in age from eight to 15 love getting the chance to pet and hold the animals and learn more about the best ways to look after them.

Although they enjoy meeting all of the animals, they particularly look forward to visiting the donkeys and rabbits – the chance to feed and stroke them is the highlight of the week . Some of their families have working animals and pets so this hands-on education means a better life for their own animals back at home.

The children’s teacher Reema commented on the importance of the SPANA centre saying,

We are happy to teach them about how to best look after animals in their community.

SPANA Jordan looks forward to future visits from Al Yasmin and is delighted to be able to continue to share the important message of animal welfare with this group.


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