Saving lives in Africa

You helped us reach over 150,000 starving animals. Thank you.

SPANA in east Africa saving animals livesThis year the Horn of Africa was hit by the worst drought in over a generation.  Countless animals died and millions more were at risk of starvation.  Pastoralists across the region, who rely entirely on animals for their livelihoods and, in times of crisis, for their very lives, faced a bleak future.

The scale of the problem was vast: we knew we couldn’t save every animal. But by protecting a nucleus of animals in each community, we hoped to save the lives of donkeys and livestock, and also keep the people that depend on them from a life of dependency in the refugee camps.

With mass animal death already a reality, no-one was surprised when a human famine was declared in parts of the region. We knew we had to help quickly. SPANA launched an emergency appeal to get urgent help to starving animals. And your generosity amazed us.

Thanks to you, SPANA fed more than 50,000 livestock, provided veterinary treatments to 36,000 and vaccinated 80,000 goats and sheep against infectious animal diseases .

We teamed up with a local partner organisation, Practical Action, to get help quickly to the areas most affected. Much of our work was based in Mandera county, northern Kenya, close to the Somali border. The situation there was desperate. After the failure of two successive rains, most of the water sources across the region had dried up and pasture was extremely scarce.  Huge herds of livestock built up around the few functional water pans and boreholes creating unsustainable pressure on these water sources.

Cattle drinking thanks to SPANAFeeding and and veterinary services began on a large scale to service the animals and pastoralist communities most at risk. Vitamin support and water was also trucked into the worst affected villages.

Within a matter of weeks, 90,000kg of high concentrate animal feed was distributed, feeding 50,000 animals. 

The scale of the project was truly epic and we could not have done this without the extraordinary generosity of our supporters. Thank you.

Thankfully, the rains have now arrived for most communities across the region. Because of SPANA supporters these communities now have a chance to rebuild their lives, and animals that would have surely died now have a a future.

Thank you.

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