SPANA vets holding books

Four SPANA vets were celebrated for their work earlier this month, after winning a competition to discover some of the most interesting cases they had treated.

A competition was launched in December 2017 which asked SPANA’s veterinary teams from 16 different countries to write about an unusual injury or illness they had helped to treat. The vets submitting the most interesting cases received a new veterinary book,  kindly provided by Wiley.

The four winners were (pictured above from left to right): Dr. Sami Mzabi from Tunisia, Dr. Boubker El Mouhaine from Marrakech, Morocco, Dr. Youness El Ouasbi from Chemaia, Morocco, and Dr. Amadou Doumbia from Mali.

They were thrilled to receive their prizes at a recent training event in Marrakech.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part in the competition!

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