Bits of Happiness Gift


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This gift can help pay towards a comfortable new bit for an animal like Wafi, preventing discomfort and painful mouth wounds.

Your special gift pack will include:
Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE donkey bookmark

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Wafi the donkey plays an important role carrying heavy water barrels from the local well to rural communities in Morocco. Over time, his bit became worn and rusty, which started to cause him immense pain. When Wafi and his owner arrived at our SPANA centre in Chemaia, Morocco, our vet team found he was excessively grinding his teeth and drawing back his tongue to avoid contact with the misshapen bit. Our vets knew that this behaviour could cause mouth sores, dental problems or even a lacerated and paralysed tongue. If left untreated, mouth injuries make eating and drinking difficult, and can lead to malnutrition and fatal infections like tetanus. The vets promptly exchanged the ill-fitting bit for a brand new SPANA-produced one, so that Wafi could be more comfortable again.

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