Bright Eyes Gift


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This gift can help provide sight-saving eye treatment to prevent sight loss in animals like Mamadou.

Your special gift pack will include:

Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE donkey bookmark

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Mamadou was brought to our newly opened centre in Boghé, Mauritania, after his concerned owner, Aliou, noticed his swollen eyelid. The dry conditions in Mauritania make horses prone to getting dust and debris in their sensitive eyes. The team feared that Mamadou had an infection or corneal ulcers, which can eventually lead to blindness. Our vets first applied fluorescein to his eye, a stain used to detect if there are any foreign bodies present in the cornea. They diagnosed the horse with a bad case of conjunctivitis and immediately set to work washing the affected eye with a saline solution. Once this was done, they gave Mamadou an anti-inflammatory injection to ease his pain. To ensure Mamadou’s full recovery, they showed Aliou how to administer daily eye drops to soothe his irritated eye.

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