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This gift will help us restock our mobile clinics with essential medication and relieve animals from pain and suffering.

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The working donkeys of Bamako, Mali’s capital, have a difficult life hauling waste to the rubbish dumps. Wounds are a huge problem in these treacherous conditions, where scrap metal and broken glass are piled high on the ground. Thankfully, our mobile clinic pays regular visit to the dumps, providing relief to Bamako’s donkeys and protecting them from deadly infections like tetanus. Our team recently treated this young donkey named Drissa, after she tripped and fell when her foot became caught on a piece of rusty metal. The vet cleaned the cuts on her sensitive shoulders and legs, and applied antibiotic ointment before injecting an anti-tetanus medication to keep her safe from infection. Thanks to our supporters, we can keep our medicine cabinets stocked so that we’re ready to treat working animals in need of our help.

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