Lifesaving Surgery


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This gift will provide a lifesaving surgical kit and aftercare for a working animal.

Your special gift pack will include:

Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE SPANA coaster

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This young donkey called Archie arrived at our centre in Marrakech, Morocco with a large swelling on his side. After being kicked by a cow, Archie developed a painful hernia that was getting worse each day as he continued to work. The donkey’s condition could have been fatal if left untreated, but thankfully he was brought to SPANA just in time. Our expert team guided Archie into theatre, administered general anaesthesia, and performed an emergency operation to repair the hernia. Thanks to supporters like you, our skilled vets had the tools required to save Archie’s life, and nurse him back to health during his three-week stay at the stables.

This special gift will help care for animals after surgery and buy essential equipment such as:

Tissue forceps
Bandage scissors
Surgical drapes
Towel clamps
Small and large suture needles
Thumb forceps
Small artery forceps
Needle holders
Sharp-ended scissors

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