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This gift can help provide a mother and foal with the bedding and care they need to grow healthy and strong.

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Amina the donkey and her vulnerable young foal, Najat, were found abandoned outside our Marrakech centre in Morocco. The mother was barely able to stand. When the team closely examined Amina’s front right leg, they found a tight plastic cord had painfully cut off the circulation to her hoof. SPANA’s expert vets knew they needed to act fast. To save Amina from life-threatening infection, the vets disinfected her injured hoof and gently removed the cord before carefully dressing it. Amina received a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories while her hoof was protected with a waterproof wrap. Meanwhile, Amina’s excitable little foal Najat spent her days curiously galloping around the stables. After months of non-stop care, the brave donkey made a full recovery. Amina and Najat continued to be well looked after by the team until they were rehomed with a responsible owner.

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