Room at the SPANA Inn


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This gift will help provide a mother and foal with the bedding and care they need to grow healthy and strong.

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FREE SPANA coaster

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On a small Moroccan farm, this gentle mare named Ayat had a difficult time delivering her new born, Peanut. The foal had become stuck during the birth causing the mother significant internal damage. Ayat and Peanut’s quick-thinking owner alerted our vets before making the long journey to the centre in Chemaia with the mother and foal. The team treated Ayat’s internal haemorrhaging and carefully closed her wounds, which would have to be flushed daily. After four weeks of special care, the team performed a difficult but successful reconstructive surgery, enabling the mare to make a full recovery. While Ayat regained her strength, little Peanut was allowed time out of his stall to explore his new surroundings, befriend his stablemates and follow our vets on their daily rounds.

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