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This gift can provide a lifesaving surgical kit and aftercare for a working animal.

Salha, a seven-month-old foal, had been suffering with a heavy bulge under her abdomen which seemed to be getting bigger. Her owner relies on Salha’s mother, Nour the carthorse, to earn a small income, and he became increasingly concerned for her little mule’s wellbeing. When Nour became pregnant he thought it a blessing to have an extra set of hooves around. On arrival at the SPANA centre in Chemaia, Morocco, our expert vets determined that poor Salha was suffering from an umbilical hernia, caused when the muscles around the naval don’t form properly after birth. The team carried out an ultrasound to investigate the hernia, which aided their decision to conduct a major operation, called a herniorrhaphy, to repair the muscle defect. The surgery was a success, and after three weeks of aftercare at the centre, Salha fully recovered.


This gift can provide a lifesaving surgical kit and aftercare for a working animal.

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