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Christmas crackers are a fun Christmas tradition that the whole family can enjoy. But they’re not just for humans. This festive season, why not include your feline friend in the festivities with our cat Christmas cracker?

When it comes to the fun of the festive season, there’s no need to keep your four-legged friends out in the cold. Welcome them into the Christmas celebrations with this adorable Christmas cracker for cats that’s been hand crafted in Dorset by Celebration Crackers.

This recyclable Christmas cracker contains a festive (and stylish) cat hat, along with a motto card and a pet toy. The tempting toy mouse will keep your feline entertained while you enjoy Christmas day together with your loved ones. The cracker itself is bang-free, meaning it’s perfectly peaceful and won’t frighten your pet.

Our cat Christmas cracker features a lovely, illustrated design that will be appreciated by cat lovers everywhere. The all-over graphic design includes illustrations of domestic cats in all their glory, including a tabby cat, a ginger tom and a beautiful Bengal.

Don’t let your pet feel left out this festive season. From kittens to senior cats, your whole feline family will enjoy their very own Christmas treat.


This Christmas cracker is made from recyclable paper with elasticated ties at each end.

  • Box contains one Christmas cracker
  • Bang-free
  • Recyclable packaging and reusable toy
  • Cracker contains pet toy, a motto card and a hat
  • Length 33cm
  • Gift code: M22XCC

We hope you are pleased with your purchase. If you and your cat enjoyed this cat Christmas cracker, please make sure to leave a review on this page to help us raise even more funds for working animals. 100 per cent of profits raised through sales from our shop will help working donkeys, horses, camels and other working animals that are in desperate need of SPANA’s vital services.

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