Happy Feet Gift


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This gift can help to pay for essential farrier care and hoof treatment to prevent lameness in animals like Bulah.

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Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE donkey bookmark

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Bulah was having difficulty walking, stumbling over his feet as he pulled a cart full of wheat and barley through the streets of Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. The otherwise healthy young donkey couldn’t keep his balance. Worried that Bulah was becoming lame, his owner, Abubwal, immediately took him to SPANA’s mobile clinic for help. Upon seeing Bulah, the vets could tell that he had received inadequate farriery. The donkey’s hooves had been poorly trimmed, which was doing more harm than good to the sensitive parts of his feet. With every step, he bruised the back of his feet, leading to inflammation and discomfort. The team used specialist farriery tools to gently file down and reshape each unbalanced hoof, redistributing Bulah’s weight evenly. Thanks to our team’s expert farrier care and follow-up treatments, Bulah was soon back to his old self.

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