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This gift can help to pay for essential farrier care and hoof treatment to prevent lameness in animals like Tolan.

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One day, while pulling a taxi cart through the hot, dusty roads of Kasserine, Tunisia, Tolan the mule started favouring his left front leg. As the day wore on, Tolan’s limp worsened and his owner, Joseph, became increasingly worried for his trusted mule. They arrived at the mobile clinic early the next morning for help. Tolan remained calm while the vet team examined his hoof to check for cuts or foreign bodies lodged in his foot. Luckily, they didn’t find anything, but quickly diagnosed the source of his pain. His right front hoof was overgrown, causing additional strain on his tendons further up the leg. The mule was in agony, and, if left untreated, the injury could have developed into serious tendon lesions or even incurable arthritis.

Using specialist farriery tools, the vets carefully trimmed Tolan’s hoof to correct the overgrowth. After receiving the hoof trimming and soothing anti-inflammatories, the change in Tolan was clear to see, and walking immediately became easier for him.

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