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This gift will pay towards surgical tools, specialist equipment and aftercare for a working animal.

Your special gift pack will include:

Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
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Yasmin, a six-month-old foal, arrived at SPANA’s Chemaia centre in Morocco with a rare condition. Her elderly owner, Satour, brought her along when he discovered that her navel area was swollen and warm to the touch, causing her severe discomfort. When our expert vets gently examined the inflamed area, they diagnosed that poor Yasmin was suffering from an infection. Over time, Yasmin’s navel remnant had become infected and turned into a painful abscess, this condition can be very dangerous and potentially fatal.The team determined that the young mule would need surgery immediately. After administering local anaesthetic, the team first carried out an ultrasound to assess the severity of her infection. They then began the delicate process of removing the infected tissue. The surgery was thankfully a success, and after three weeks of aftercare, Yasmin was discharged to her grateful owner.

This special gift can help care for animals like Yasmin after surgery and pay towards essential equipment such as:

• Ultrasound machines
• Bandage scissors
• Small and large suture needles
• Thumb forceps
• Small artery forceps
• Needle holders

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