Padding to stop wounds on horse's back

Thanks to money raised by the Vet Charity Challenge, our team in Tunisia are able to keep their mobile clinic vehicle running, helping them reach and treat even more working animals. One of those animals is six-year old horse, Rami.

The Vet Cresized-v2harity Challenge is an annual one-day fundraising event for the veterinary sector that raises money for animal charities. Over the last four years, proceeds of over £35,000 have been donated to SPANA.

Rami was brought to our mobile clinic by his owner Asswdi after he noticed a painful wound on his withers. Rami helps Asswdi earn a living and provide for his family by pulling a cart full of construction materials. Sadly, Rami’s cart is often overloaded so the wound was caused by friction from his harness and the heavy weight he pulls each day.

Our vets disinfected the wound and gave Rami an injection of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to combat the pain and infection.


They advised Asswdi to rest his horse for at least two weeks while the wound healed and to clean it gently with antiseptic every day.

They also made special padding to put under his harness, to stop it touching and irritating the wound further.

Asswdi was very grateful for SPANA’s help saying:

This is not the first time I have brought my animals to SPANA, and I am always alert to when SPANA make their periodic visits.

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